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The first concept of smartphone technology starts at the early 2000s. These advances in technology brought about the introduction of the iPhone, the Android operating system and more. In 2007, January, Steve Jobs of Apple introduces the iPhone which he refers to as a "revolutionary and magical product." It became more popular until now and keep growing to the high level of smartphone technology. Smartphone technology has continue to grow in importance nowadays and become one of the critical tools to interact with customers and can be considered as one of the key elements that impact organic search and ranking for the hospitality business. Using the smartphone, the individual can connect to the internet, blogs, and websites to find
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In the hospitality industry, many companies will use this medium to promote and market their business where they will use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to interact with their customers. The customers can easily access those websites through the smartphone. It is important for the company to have a strategic and planning to make the business survive and compete with other company.
Positive relationship with customers
The smartphone technology can improve customer relationship which is including from service aspect, review or feedback from the customers, and update the product or service. As we know hospitality is one of the large industry that gains revenue in our country and provides accommodation service which interacts a lot with people. One of the ways to remain the relationships with the customers is through social media. Through this technology and social media, customers can give their positive or negative comments on the certain companies. When the companies received the customer’s feedback, the management of the company can plan and figure out what they can do in order to solve the problem and make them satisfied with
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When people use the smartphone as their medium to run the business, they will be a lot of apps that they used and it might require a password in order to open the apps. Usually, the app that available on the smartphone is often not secure properly at least in terms of account privacy. The risk to get hacked by the hacker is high and this hacker can easily access and get all important information and data of the business. It is important for the person who runs the business and use smartphone technology as their business medium to log out of apps and websites after you are done with a

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