How To Take Pictures Essay

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Tips to Take Beautiful Pictures Using Your Smartphone
Would you like to take pictures like a professional, but you do not have a professional camera and you do not know which techniques can use for taking a perfect shot? With the new technological advances, taking beautiful and perfect pictures, are not just a matter of professional photographers. Smartphones are very popular nowadays and if you have one, Bingo! You will take pictures like a pro just being ready, having a good light, finding new angles, and selecting for retouch.
First of all, you must be ready and always keep your cellphone in camera mode, so when you unlock it, it will be ready for taking pictures. Perfect moments are easy to lose, so your phone should always be in hand, with enough charge and your lens clean. Do not think twice, take ton of pictures wherever you want and of whatever you wish. Some moments will not be happening again and if you lose one, you will not be able to turn back time and catch it. Do not hesitate because there is nothing to lose.
Second, photography is all about using light. No matter if it is a day or evening without good lighting, a photograph can be grainy and blurred but please, turn off the flash of your smartphone before taking pictures, unless it is totally dark and you have no other choice. Lighting
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Most of us, have received pictures from our ancestors and we wish to keep them forever because they are important. Pictures freeze moments of our lives which pass unremarkably and which seem to have a little importance for us through the time. Pictures preserve the important events and people in our lives and they tell our part of personal story, a timeline filled with faces of people and places that we love; however, photographs are very easy to get lost or get damaged. Because of that, storing your pictures, making physical albums, and sharing pictures with the family are meant to keep your most precious moments for an
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