Advantages Of Victim Offender Mediation

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BA LLB 2014

End Term Assessment “Victimology – An Introduction”

1. This part of the exam deals with victim – offender - mediation.

1.1 What is victim-offender mediation? (2)

It is an informal mechanism by which the offender is given a chance to resolve the conflict with the victim. The judges, prosecutors or any mediator take into account the behavior of the offender. If the offender behaves in a positive manner his punishment is likely to get reduced or dismissed. A positive behavior accounts to the recognition of harm suffered by the victim and further an attempt to “repair” all the damages suffered by the victim. This mediation takes place before a formal punishment is given out to the offender.

1.2 What are the advantages of Victim Offender Mediation for the victim? (2)

The first and foremost advantage of this kind of mediation for the victim is that he or she can confront the offender face to face and ask him as to why did he commit such a crime. The victim can ask the offender all the questions that could never have been answered in a criminal proceeding. Secondly, the victim can openly describe the emotional damage experienced by him or her to the offender itself. Thirdly, the victim has the opportunity to ask for an apology from the offender. Fourthly, it is the opportunity for a victim to
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Immediate reporting of the matter is done to the police with the help of these centers. As the victim is immediately treated and given assistance she is able to provide a number of quality evidence to the investigators and police, which further help in faster conviction of the offender. Thus, there is a faster procedure of conviction leading to high conviction rates. A sense of trust is gained by the criminal justice system from the people of the country by such speedy justice being
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