Advantages Of Video Review

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Video Reviews

Reviews are given by customers to express satisfaction or even disappointment on a given, product or service. Reviews are given in different ways, either a customer writes about it on social media or blogs. Today, another way of giving reviews or feedback is thru videos. More and more business toady opt for creating videos for marketing, promotional awareness and even customers reviews. Because of its accessibility, consumers today prefer video review than written reviews. Let us have a look at some advantages of video reviews.
1. Gives the consumers the exact message you want to give. Reading can sometimes lead to misinterpretation on data. Some words read differently would convey a different message. Videos allow a two
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It has an entertainment factor and easier to follow. Videos that make viewers laugh, cry or anything that catches their attention is sure to entertain them. If the viewer finds the video entertaining it is more likely that they will watch the video until the end. A customer would usually watch a video review of a product or service that already has their attention, the main purpose of the video review is to keep that attention and ignite their interest. For example If a customer is watching a review for a beauty product, the customer will see the product physically which will give the customers the correct product to buy and some tips on how to use it properly and off course the finished product. This in turn would help level up customer…show more content…
A short 3 second video can contain large information of historical and current data. If you use the correct visual effect and put on extra effort in creating quality videos, you will be able to educate your viewers effectively. Compared to other forms of reviews which take time to finish, before you can gather important information, video can easily give the message in a matter of seconds. Video reviews also work best for people who have short attention span. Video are also very accessible and convenient for mobile users. We are dominated by mobile phones and videos as are easier to view through them. Videos are trendy and interactive. They are one of the most effective ways in reaching out to customers since it is an easier way of communicating and connecting with them. People are eager to find r information, but want it fast. They would rather watch a 3 minute video rather than spending more time reading some text. Videos also help businesses in relaying their important information to their customers in very short time. Video also aid patrons gain knowledge of your business and your services, video influence their decision-making process generates more
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