Advantages Of Virtual Library

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Nowadays, most of everything in our life depends on technology. The advancement of technology make our life easier and it also help in education system. One of the advancement of technology in education is virtual library. Based on Wikipedia, virtual library is where a collection of resources available on one or more computer systems, where a single interface or entry point to the collections is provided. Virtual library is a library without building and it did not any space in real world. Virtual library also known as digital library. The function of virtual library is as same as the library in real world which is it provide resource and reference for those who seek for knowledge. As most of everything today use virtual world as medium, the number of virtual library that specified in certain field and the one that has general collection also increase to fulfil the demand.…show more content…
Virtual library is accessible at any time. Users do not need to follow the opening and closing time of the library. Users do not need to go anywhere when they need to find something in virtual library. Virtual library also can be access from your laptop. It is very convenient for engineering student that always busy with assignments and projects. At the very least, engineering students can save time to go to library and look for the reference book. Just by typing some keywords, they can find their reference plus with some other website related to the topic for advanced search. The information also is up-to-date. The search also do not have any boundaries. That can help the students to search for reference from different sources of different countries about the same topic. Information also can be accessed in different format such as document, pdf, or even
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