Advantage Of Virtual Project Management

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How to manage virtual projects?

Globalization is a fact that have changed the way the human used to do things before we can communicate to each other from remote places in real time, instead of waiting days and maybe months to receive letters or using other methods that meant loss of time and effectiveness. Business is one of the things that have changed importantly with the phenomenon of globalization. Nowadays, companies can grow internationally without any problem and they can be managed properly thanks to the tools mainly of communication that technology offers today. Also, an advantage of globalization is that it enables companies to conform work teams from around the world to work on a specific project. I state this as an advantage
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This might be the most important point on a virtual – international project, because day by day we assume that people around the world work like you and your office colleagues do, and this is a huge mistake! Actually, the way of working changes a lot from country to country and this can create conflicts between your group members specially if all of them have different nationalities. For example, in some countries punctuality is important while in others it is not a priority. Also the respect for hierarchies, the economical perception and the level of freedom on work are things that can change depending on the cultural background of the people, and these are issues that must be taken into account at the moment of choosing the team and establishing the rules. I want to make emphasis on this point because this is the key for success in the cultural topic. If you establish clearly the rules and the goals since the beginning and make sure that all of the members understand how they should work and communicate, there is not reason to have problems, but if you don’t do this you cant expect people to guess how you want them to…show more content…
Managing people that are probably not even living on the same country and that have different time zones is much more difficult than managing a team that can meet on a room to discuss the project on a pre-established hour and day. In order to accomplish the objectives of the project a proper and constant communication is compulsory. To assure it the manager must make sure that the members have the tools to communicate to each other and he must establish periodical group meetings in which each member expose what he have been doing and this will also be a space for discussion of possible problems and solutions which will not only beneficiate the result of the project but will also prevent the members to feel isolated and oppositely they will feel as an important part of the
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