Advantages Of Visual Communication

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and answering questions can be done only in face to face communication. In face to face communication persons appreciate and criticizing colleagues, providing feedback, assigning new responsibility and resolving conflicts. (4) Visual communication: Visual communication is communication through visual aids and described as the conveyance of ideas and information in forms that can be read or looked upon. It includes: signs, posters, drawing, graphic design, illustration. Accompanying text has a greater power to inform, educate and persuade a person.Modern world became more visualized in every aspect due to the high influence of media in each individual’s life. Visual communication is the communication in which pictures, colours, graphics are used. The use of pictures and symbols is very easy for a fast communication. Pictures are interactive mean of communication The receiver gets the idea fast. Visual communication is a good tool to memorize and recall things. It is a good way to teach English to kids with the help of visual pictures. The cost of visual communication is very high. It takes so much time.…show more content…
The great advantage of word processing over using a typewriter is that we can make changes without retyping the entire document. Many word processors contain file management capabilities that allow to create, delete, move, and search for files. It allows us to change fonts within a document. We can specify bold, italics, and underlining. Most word processors also change the font size and even the typeface. In some word processors we create the illustrations within the word processor; in others we can insert an illustration produced by a different program. Headers , footers, and page numbering allow us to specify customized headers and footers that the word processor will put at the top and bottom of every
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