Advantages Of Voting In Canada

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Which system of voting does Canada use? Canada uses a voting system called ‘First Past the Post’. The names comes from the sport of horse riding as in horse riding, the horse who passes the post first wins all. Same thing here, the party that wins majority of the ridings gets 100% of power. The other parties get nothing just like in horse race where the second and third gets nothing at all. 2. What are some of the advantages of this system? The citizens have the sense of stability since, this system of voting produces a majority government. They don’t need to stumble between elections due to unstable decisions by minority governments. This method is known to be simple, clear and decisive in majority of the cases. It also gives people a chance to vote a person rather than a political party. Therefore, the voters can evaluate the performance of the individual rather than just have to accept a list of candidates given by a party. 3. What is one of the disadvantages or why are some people suggesting we look at changing Canada’s voting system?…show more content…
This means that the rest of the votes to the other parties are a waste because the other votes aren’t influencing anything now unless it went towards the winner. This discourages many people to vote as they think their votes are being wasted and why vote when they cannot influence anything unless they voted for the winner, which they cannot know before the election is over.This also excludes small parties or less popular individuals as they wouldn’t get a chance due to the winner wins all

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