The Pros And Cons Of War Poetry

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The Great War in British Memory and Understanding Memory is tasked with performing two acts: remembering, and forgetting. Of those two, the latter is often the more difficult. The Great War is remembered in Britain as a period of wasteful futility where men threw their lives away in pointless sacrifice. This view is due in no small part to the works of soldier poets and other writers who served on the front lines during the war. The Great War is the object of memorial, but seldom is an effort made to truly understand it in the full context of its causes and implications. Revisionist historians seek to correct certain assumptions regarding the Great War, such as the idea that the British commanders were incompetents. The difficulty facing such individuals is that since the current view of the war has been shaped by war poets, any alteration to the accepted stance can be interpreted as an attack on the writers, and since the weight given to these writers is due to their frontline experience, any attempt to revise their account of events is liable to be taken as belittling or dishonouring their sacrifice.…show more content…
The advantages of war poetry as an historical source are relatively apparent; to begin with, they are first-hand accounts that were written by not only eye-witnesses, but also participants of the war as it

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