Advantages Of Waterfall Model

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All of this models are mentioned below:

• Waterfall model
• V model
• Incremental model
• Agile model
• Iterative model
• Spiral model Waterfall model

The Waterfall life cycle model, also known as the classic or linear sequential life cycle model, is one of the simplest to understand and use. The Waterfall model is characterized by a series of steps that must be completed in a linear, sequential order. Each phase is completed and verified before development progresses to the next phase.

Figure-2.1 Waterfall Life cycle Model

Advantages of Waterfall Model

• It is very simple and easy to understand and use.
• It is easy to manage because of the rigidity of the model – each phase has specific deliverables and a review process.
• Phases are processed and completed one at a time.
• Works well for smaller projects where requirements are very well understood.

Disadvantages of Waterfall Model

• Once an application comes in the testing stage, it is very difficult to go back and change something that was not well-thought out in the planning
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• People and interactions are emphasized rather than process and tools. Working software is delivered frequently (weeks rather than months).
• Close, daily cooperation between business people and developers.
• Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design.
• Regular adaptation to changing circumstances.
• Even late changes in requirements are welcomed.

Disadvantage of Agile Model

• In case of some software deliverables, especially the large ones, it is difficult to assess the effort required at the beginning of the software development life cycle.
• There is a lack of emphasis on necessary designing and documentation

• The project can easily get taken off track if the customer representative is not clear what the final outcome that they want. Iterative Model

Figure-2.5: Iterative development life cycle

Advantages of Iterative Model

• In the iterative model we are building and improving the product step by step. Hence we can track the defects at early stages. This avoids the downward flow of the

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