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Lifting Weights to get rid of man boobs, does it work? ## French title ## First and foremost, man boobs or moobs is not something you can get rid of in a matter of days or weeks. For real, visible results, you need months of hard work. And most importantly, you cannot just do a gazillion of weight lifting exercises for your chest, since you cannot target just the chest area and forget the other areas of your body. However, the road to getting rid of man boobs is strengthening your chest areas, and for that, you need weight lifting. The more weight you lift, the more muscles you have. Toned muscles are the opposite of moobs, which are usually sagged boobs. When it comes to weight lifting, there are three popular exercises that help with your…show more content…
The amount you can squat is directly related to your overall strength. why? Because the squat is a heavy compound exercise that works almost every muscle in your body. If you want to be strong you cant afford to be skipping on your squats. This functional increase in strength will translate noticeably into your everyday life and objects (and people) will seem so much lighter. Build Muscle, squats work the whole lower body and some upper body muscles. They specifically target the quads and Glutes but many more muscles are brought in to balance the weight. Studies have shown that doing heavy, compound exercises such as squats have a positive effect on testosterone release which, helps you build more muscle. Burn Fat, because of the amount it effort it takes to squat it is actually a really effective way of burning calories. Especially as the weight gets heavier. Doing squats will also increase your metabolism for hours post workout and keep you in the fat burning zone Increase Fitness, squats get your heart beating fast! This is great for cardiovascular health. building up how much you can squat over time strengthens your heart at the same rate. It needs to be able to pump the blood into your legs to be able to actually perform the

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