Advantages Of Why Did The North Win The Civil War

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The North had many advantages over the South the helped them win the civil war. These reasons included a central leadership, more resources, and recruiting black men for their armies. These reasons helped the North win the civil war and play a big part in how successful they would be. With having advantages, better tactics when fighting, and also a higher population, the North would use strategic planning to fight the South and ultimately win the civil war. The Union, that was under Abraham Lincoln, keep the Northern states together and able to operate better. They were able to function as a whole unit rather than separate states like the south had done. By having this, they were able to keep their government together and on the same page. The South wasn’t able to function as a…show more content…
The North had an excellent Navy that had the ability to blockade things that were headed to the Southern states. The South desperately needed food, weapons, and ammunition but weren’t able to get their supplies because the North had blockades that stopped the supplies they needed. The North also had gun factories, shipyards, and coal readily available at anytime which puts them at a huge advantage over the South. They had more money and were just more advanced in their industry, which helped them win the civil war. The South didn’t use slaves as soldiers but the North recruited black men and included the free slaves after the emancipation proclamation was approved. The South did as well after the emancipation proclamation but it was not as effective as it was for the North because they didn’t have that support from other world powers. If England or France supported the south then we would’ve maybe seen a different outcome because of a greater pressure to make peace but because they supported the North, it helped them in ultimately winning the civil
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