Advantages Of Wine Making

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Since the beginning the wine has been always essential, it is part of many cultures, it is utilized as medicine, as spice or sweetener in food and of course mostly as beverage. Because of its importance for people, wine has been developing since it was found. One of the controversial subjects of the 21st century is the application of new technology to winemaking process. From the moment technology was started to be used in different stages of wine production, the debate as to whether it should or should not be used has occupied minds. New technologies were used by winemakers in order to improve the final result of the process. Winemaking process in 21st century is more advanced and improved in terms of hygiene and technology usage.…show more content…
Ever since the beginning, wine producers have been harassing to improve the winemaking process, throughout centuries, they have tried to develop new technologies in winemaking in order to improve the final result of the process. Today, these technologies have reached a totally different level in terms of ease of use, productivity and raise the quality of final product. To start with, the usage of machines in winemaking provides great benefits. Speed and quality and productivity were always the aims of winemaking producers, and in order to reach these aims, the necessity of shifting the tasks from human to machine was critical. Today, every stage of winemaking process can be done by machines to achieve a constant, and satisfying results. For example, grape harvesting machines make production much faster. According to Harvesting and crushing grape, the usage of mechanical harvesters or robots made it possible to get rid of excessive use of labors in a big or medium-sized vineyard, which reduced the total time needed for harvesting the whole vineyard 's grapes (n.d.). Taking this into consideration, it can be concluded that mechanical harvesters are much more effective in terms of speed and cost, where a one machine can do the work of several workers. At current labor and interest rates, a vineyard manager looking to replace hand harvesting and sorting with a mechanical harvester could regain the cost of the machine in five years or less. Another example, grape sorting machines ease the production process. As indicated by Colin, an immense machine, ten feet long, named optical grape sorter, has the ability to take a digital photograph of a generous amount of grape clusters to picks out only the utopian types of grapes. The sorting process starts when the machine is fed with a bunch of grapes, the machine starts photographing the grapes with cameras that can take 10,000 frames per second,

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