Advantages Of Women Entrepreneurs

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Advantages of Micro-Enterprises in Empowering Rural Women Entrepreneurs: Micro-Enterprises in rural areas can help women to bring their entrepreneurial potential out of them. These small-scale concerns not only generate employment but also enhance capabilities, freedom and productivity of these women. Economic empowerment of these women led to the social independence, family development, economic growth, and ultimately results in national growth. Some of the major advantages that these enterprises develop in women entrepreneurs are as follows: • Economic Independence. • Sense of Achievement. • Social Responsibility. • Leadership Qualities. • Self Confidence. • Financial Independence. • Decision Making Capacity. • Societal Interaction. • Awareness. • Improved Standard of Living. Problems faced by Indian women entrepreneurs: Women entrepreneurs are facing so many problems at every stage in all over the country. Some of major problems are below: 1) Social Barriers- Various traditions and customs existed in Indian societies towards women sometimes stand as an obstacle before them to grow and prosper. Though India is a secular country, so many castes and religions dominate with one another and it restricts women entrepreneurship. 2) Lack of Self-Confidence and Risk Bearing Capacity- Women have lack of self-confidence and always feel that they may not be successful and hence hesitate to take risk. Their risk bearing capacity is always less than man. 3) Psychological Factors and
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