Advantages Of Working Abroad Essay

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Abroad, The best choice INTRODUCTION Jobs, jobs are essential to life especially on our time. As the future and the hope of our country we young filipino’s should consider getting better jobs. As technology in the world continues to advance we must also go forward with it. Jobs here aren’t great because of our economy so the only choice we have is to go to other countries for better jobs. Most jobs today mostly consists of technology so we might want to involve ourselves in technology. Although it isn’t instant, getting jobs abroad is worthwhile. It’s like investing in a bank it needs time for you to be able to take full advantage of it. And once you get there it’s all smooth sailing. In our country most of our jobs are agricultural jobs. Our economy is 39th largest in the world according to the world bank statistics. And according to a research concluded by HSBC, a British banking company, the Philippines by 2050 will have the largest economy in South East Asia if it’s growth…show more content…
It is the beginning of our lives. When working abroad as we stay there long enough we will be able to become globally-minded . We will be able to think in a global scale and be able to look at things at different perspective. And being globally minded makes you an open minded person as you are able to change yourself and accept knowledge. While when staying in the Philippines your experiences are as limited as your work. And according to our Government, as an OFW your remittances is already part of the 13.5% of the country’s GDP. And also OFW remittances is obviously one of the reasons the Philippines’s fasteconomical growth. Working abroad will not only help you develop skills in your career, but will be great to show to potential employers, who are likely to be looking for someone with a well-rounded person who can easily adapt to different environments. There are a lot of companies to choose from, and loads of countries you can work

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