Advantages Of Working Women Essay

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In the past, especially in a traditional family, man is the one who responsible for all the financial matters and expenses. They need to work at outside and earn money for their family. While women is the one who raise up their children in the house. But, as the society has changed a lot, the structure of the family changed too. Today, women have the opportunities to work outside and help their husband with the financial burden. In the other words, women share equal rights and responsibilities as men. Becoming a mother is a life changing experience. Soon after having children, many women are facing with a difficult question, that is should they return to work or as a stay at home mother. For this question, everything has to be taken into…show more content…
As people said, who has seen the future? If you are thinking to give up your job and become a housewife, then you need to think again. You need to realized that now is 21st century and your sons and daughters are 21st century’s kid. They may blame you for giving up your job. Instead, if you manage to handle both your job and your family or in the other words, balance your domestic and professional roles, then you may become the role model of your children especially your daughters and may give them inspiration that if their mother can do it now, they can do it too in the future. Your children will look up to you and they will develop determination to follow your steps later in their life. Moreover, a working woman can make a role mother by instilling the sense of self confidence and the ability to set and achieve goals to her children. This may end up with developing a son or daughter with large confident within themselves and get ready to accept and cope with any challenges in their life. Also, they may be more broad-minded and receptive to new ideas, since they break the traditional myths that place women as homemakers instead of working professionals. A broad minded mother may have better communication her children as the children today are more creative and

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