Adventurers Should Be Paid

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With adventuring and seeking thrill, accidents are common. A topic of question is whether or not the victims should pay for the damage or expenses of a rescue team. A logical solution is to make the person or people who caused the mishap pay for what they’ve done, but sometimes they are the victims. If they were being careless beforehand and leading up to the incident, then they should pay for it, or at least part of it. However, if they had no part in it and was just unlucky enough to get injured, then they should not pay for the expenses. (rest of intro - having trouble with - will do later) If people are in honest danger that is out of their control, then they should not have to pay for it. If a person had no involvement with causing the…show more content…
It was their fault they were being irresponsible in a risky situation, and they should face the consequences. As stated in “The Cost of Survival”, “... the police, fire department, rescue workers, and medical teams to their best to save the adventurer’s life. These efforts can cost a lot of money. The adventurer should be one to foot the bill.” While this is true, yes, it is only true if the adventurer took part in causing the accident. Another example, in the story ‘The Seventh Man’, a young boy and his friend go to the shore in the ‘eye’ of a storm. He runs away as his friend, K., is swept away by the wave. “I told myself to run over to K., grab hold of him, and get out of there. It was the only thing to do. I knew that the wave was coming, and K. didn’t know. As clearly as I knew what I ought to be doing, I found myself running the other way–running full speed towards the dyke, alone.” He could have saved K., as he had the chance to, but he didn’t go over and pull him away from the shoreline. In this case, the narrator was at fault for not helping K. and should have at least paid some sort of price. He did, as he was stuck with survivor guilt and night
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