Adverse Childhood Observation Report

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Adverse childhood experience consistently causes a substantial risk to well-being, psychological, physical, emotional, behavioral, and social development (Anda et al., 1999; Widom 1989). The guided hypothesis is supported by the data, however, there are few tangible actions derived from the studies on RES. What I have discovered is validation as to the need to develop RES and information which strongly suggests it is a concept or trait that can be developed into a skill. However, there are few suggestions on how to do so. Therefore, I encourage my fellow researchers to listen to what I prescribe as I have lived the experience of the greatest magnitude of stressors and have developed the RES which they seek to understand.
I have come to
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Congresswoman Cathy McMorris-Rodgers was present at the dedication where I was provided my first opportunity to speak publicly about my father’s life and death. She was so moved, she returned to D.C., submitted a Bill to the floor of Congress that gained momentum in the House and the Senate, until the Act was signed into law by President Obama to rename a VA Medical Center for my father. Shortly thereafter, I would be asked to be keynote speaker at the Vietnam Veterans Traveling Memorial with the Mayor and Commander of Fairchild. Soon I was contacted by a(n) historian from Joint Base Lewis McChord consulted with me on a website he was writing for on website was created now recognizing my father as a(n) historical figure nearly 50 years after his death, and the following year, I would design and gift a museum quality display to one of the leading schools in the Nation in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, where my father and I graduated and my children now attend. The main library at the largest military base in the Pacific Northwest was also built, dedicated, and named in his honor and memory in the early 1970’s. Through my education to overcome my lifelong struggles, I would finally earn my BA in Social Sciences and a dual Masters in Adult & Community Education and Executive Development. When my firstborn child came into the world with a diagnosis of Down syndrome, it was her precious life that helped me discover my voice of advocacy. As I learned to speak on her behalf, I began to give my own experience a voice and I learned I could help to narrow the divide between the Military and the world of the Civilian by educating both civilian and military populations, reclaiming a legacy of which I was robbed, and I saw that, through the
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