Adversity: A Personal Analysis

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Throughout my life, I have overcome numerous situations of adversity. Whether it be successfully juggling my education, sports, and two jobs, or pushing myself to battle through injuries in sports, I know I have dealt with situations the average person would give up in. However, I think the most immense hurdle I have had to clear was struggling through depression. I have dealt with it ever since the start of my freshman year in high school. My depression was something I allowed to alter me; in school, at home, around my friends, in sports. It ate away at me. The constant anxiety and feeling of complete hopelessness was nearly unbearable. There was no way to get away from it, no safe place for me to go to. I felt embarrassed, weak, telling myself …show more content…

He sat with me for over an hour after a practice, listening attentively to every word that flew out of my mouth. There was no doubt he understood what I was combating. Once I caught my breath after sharing my story, he started listing off names of people. I had no clue what his thought process was, but I went along with what he was saying. After he completed rallying off the plethora of names, he simply said that these were just a slim number of people he knows love me. Before I could get out a word, he started listing off accomplishments he knew I had achieved. I was struggling to fight back the tears I knew were bound to plummet from my eyes. Once he finished, all I could get myself to do was embrace him and thank him. Finally being able to converse with another person about what I was dealing with took so much hidden weight right off of my shoulders. It felt surreal, knowing that so many people do truly care. I now could feel comfortable talking to family and friends about what had taken over my life for most of my life in high school. Opening up to my coach made this all possible for …show more content…

He is a crucial part in the process that aided me in attempting to overcome my depression. Although I still struggle with it to an extent, the effects are nowhere near where they used to be. This man went out of his way to insure that I have someone I can go to whenever I need to. I still am extremely proud of myself for battling through something as awful as depression. In my opinion, it shows that I am someone who overcomes adversity. Quitting was not an option for me, I knew I would have to face the beast sometime, and I decided I would do it with some assistance. Struggling through this has made me a stronger person today, one that never gives in to any challenge he faces. There are millions of people who cope with depression, so I made it my personal mission to support anyone I know who has had to live with this awful mental disorder. Still to this day not many people know of what I had suffered through, but I can see how it has morphed me into a confident, more considerate

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