Adversity: A Short Story

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Everyone faces failure at some point in their lives, but how one responds to that adversity is the real story. One can lie down and accept defeat, or one can rise up like a phoenix reborn and push themselves harder towards success. Growing up, I was always average at sports like baseball and basketball. I would be good enough to play on the travel team, but I would play sparingly. Soccer was my true calling, the pitch was a place that I could show people my athletic ability. I fully realized my ability when I was in 8th grade. The varsity coach at the high school was coaching our team and he named my friend and me as captains of the team. I was honored and thought that this was a good sign since the varsity coach named me captain. Flash forward to freshman year and…show more content…
That summer, I felt good and I was doing well with the running and I thought this would be the year. Again, my dreams were crushed as I didn’t make varsity and also was forced to switch positions and lost my starting spot at the beginning of the season. I had fallen far from being a freshman playing on JV to as a junior losing my starting spot to a freshman playing JV. Oh, the irony. It was after that season that I realized, that through the first 3 years of my high school soccer career, I had been trying to please someone and I wasn’t focused on enjoying what was in front of me. I had wanted those seasons to end so I could be done with the humility of playing on junior varsity, but now there isn’t much time left. I have only one more season left before my competitive sports career is over. This last season won’t be about pleasing my coach, it will be about enjoying the final ride with my teammates and friends that I have grown up playing with since the age of 7. Sometimes in life, you don’t appreciate stuff until it’s gone and luckily my failures helped me realize that my time playing soccer is about to be gone and I want to be able to enjoy
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