Adversity Accomplishment Report

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My mind was going wild; I was both nervous and exhilarated at the thought of starting a new school. A new environment and new people meant having to look to fit in all over again. I did not know this yet, but this first day of fourth grade in a new school would be one of my largest accomplishments throughout my life.
Growing up in a Spanish- speaking household gave me a new perspective. Much of my upbringing was different than that of my friends, and I had to adjust to a different culture. My parents immigrated to America when they were very young, When I was born, I was taught both Spanish and English, which enriched me with the new culture since I was young, I basked in the ability to mesh two cultures and experiences. I have used these
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I have also had the opportunity to volunteer in programs focusing on students who struggle with learning English as a second language. My volunteer experiences have taught me that I want to continue working with children, and I am thankful for the opportunity I have been given by my parents. Although in the beginning I struggled with learning English as a second language, I was able to establish a foundation for myself and was able to accomplish mastering not only one language but two. This accomplishment has made me very proud of myself and my abilities to succeed in new environments and in the face of adversity.
One activity I have participated in is the Lasallian Youth Club at my school. As a Lasallian school, at Mullen, we pride ourselves in our inclusive community. Lasallian youth embodies the values in our school and focuses on giving back to the community. The goal of the
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By the time junior year began, I had already been settled in my environment and I knew how to succeed in the classroom. This year was definitely the toughest for me, especially due to the fact that I was in advanced classes that I had to balance with my life outside of school. However, I sill maintained to achieve a very high GPA and receive awards for my accomplishments. In addition, this year solidified what I wanted to do the rest of my life; the experiences I had in the classroom demonstrated the love and passion I had to science and medicine. I know now that I want to pursue a career in the medical industry, and I hope to one day become a pediatrician or a pediatric surgeon. This is why I am thankful for my accomplishments in my education; they helped me discover my path in life. This year reminded me that even though I struggled in the beginning, I could achieve anything I truly worked hard towards in life. I knew this year that I would be prepared for college and my new, challenging courses and that I would be ready to manage my time correctly to achieve my goals in maintaining a high standing at my future
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