Adversity In Chinese Cinderella

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Many people face some kind of adversity in their lives, but only few are recognized to the same extent as Adeline’s experiences in the autobiography ‘Chinese Cinderella’, written by Ms. Adeline Yen Mah. ‘Chinese Cinderella’ suggests that mental strength is what is needed to overcome all forms of adversity in life. This essay will discuss the ways in which that Adeline uses intellectual power to overcome the difficulties in her life, the outcomes she achieved and the messages she portrays. The ways that Adeline uses mental strength to overcome adversity occurs through many different events in her childhood. Adeline faces many tough challenges and is forced to inwardly prepare herself for the obstacles that are continually thrown at her. Adeline lives in a negative household where it is considered conventional for her to be despised, and so she has a constant feeling of being rejected. She shoulders that burden through her school and even keeps up the pretence that she comes from a secure household. Even though she doesn’t confide her true feelings, she eventually opens up. This is shown when Adeline exclaims to Aunt Baba, “I want to forget about everything that goes on here!” (page 122) Only then it is realized the full extent of how much she had bottled up the hurt she gained from her family, and how strong she was to withstand this feeling of worthlessness. Because Adeline is considered to be at the bottom of the household hierarchy, she is constantly forced to be in the
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