Adversity In My Life

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In my brief life, I have overcome a lot of adversity. My mom fled Mexico with her three young children to escape domestic violence. When we came to this country we had only a few personal belongings and the promise of a better future. We came to this country and lived in a small trailer with no toilet other than a bucket, and no shower except for the one that was lent to us from the kindness of a stranger, our new neighbor. As a single parent, my mother had to work day and night to support us. While she was working long hours cleaning people’s houses, as the oldest of three children, I had to quickly learn how to cook, how to clean, and take care of my siblings. From getting the kids ready for school, helping them with their homework, and even bathing them, I had a lot of responsibility at only 9 years old. School and going out in public was also a challenge for me because communicating in a strange new place was difficult, when many of the people I came across did…show more content…
When I got to middle school I found out I would have the opportunity to join sports and other activities. Sports allowed me to increase not only my physical abilities but my emotional and mental ones. I learned what determination, perseverance, and hard work was all about. Cheerleading was one of the next things that I joined, and this is where I gained the confidence to speak and use my voice. I was no longer the shy girl in class, but I was much more confident and even gained new friends.
From a young age, I learned to be very independent, and this independence has led me to gain leadership skills that have proven valuable in school. As Vice-President of National Honor Society, I have helped take charge of more than a hundred members and helped direct and organize community service events. Such as the Harvest Fall Festival or visiting nursing homes
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