Adversity In The Hobbit

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Hardship. Suffering. Adversity. It goes by many names, but is the same thing; misery. It hides in the shadows of our mind, influencing and changing us. It seeps into us at our most vulnerable state, making us feel trapped and scared. It covers us like black tar, shielding us from the light and joy of the world, until we feel completely and utterly alone. The most prominent way that adversity can control us is when we are lost and confused. Take Bilbo Baggins, from the pages of The Hobbit, by J.R.R Tolkien, for example. There is a time when Bilbo and his companions are lost in a vast forest, with little way of finding their way out. As they desperately search for a path to lead them out, with no avail, they allow adversity to enter…show more content…
But the thing that made me lose sight of a path to get out was moving here from Edmonton. I had already decided I didn't like Stirling before I even had the chance to experience it. I missed my old community and friends that I had grew up with. I turned away from the world. I became a closed box with a hidden key. And because I did that, I allowed myself to be trapped with my sorrow. It washed over me, making me lonely and afraid. Eventually, I decided that this was not the life I wanted to live. Using my family's love and the promise of a new start as a guide, I was able to fight my way out of adversity grasp. And when I took a step back, it shocked me how much my hardship had influenced me, and distorted my view of Stirling. I love it here, and will never let adversity play with my mind again. The best way to keep adversity from controlling us is to not let it in in the first place. However, as that is nearly impossible, we must start to put up wall that protect us from it, and to always seek to keep the light and happiness the world can bring close to our hearts. We must arm ourselves with hope to be ready to fight it off. After all, adversity can only truly take over when we let
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