Adversity In The Miracle League

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Love transcends all boundaries, all logic, it is all encompassing, magical and mysterious and everlasting. God designed the human heart to express his love through us and that love is eternal with no beginning or end. We are only on the earth for a short period and the love experienced here on earth will always go on; however, vanity and someone’s world record will not. Who can remember who won this game or that game 10 years ago and who was the MVP? Sports and competition are great for teaching life lessons and developing us as individuals working as a team. However, what really matters in the end is not the sport itself, but the heart. The Miracle League expresses the attributes of love and compassion that can’t be expressed any other way. This league makes dreams come true. Here is a list of what…show more content…
Adversity is an opportunity to witness the release of the power within us.
9. The only disability is a crushed human spirit.
10. The dictionary’s definition of “disable” is inappropriate.
11. Adversity isn’t something to try to get around, it’s part of life.
12. We shouldn’t shield people from adversity, but prepare them to meet any situation and environment by equipping them to adapt and sports is a great way to do this.
13. History of adaptive sports and government regulations and how we have come a long way in a short period of time.
14. The impact of both the Shepherd Center and Lakeshore Foundation.
15. That I need to be more involved in my community to impact through adaptive sports
16. Quadriplegic doesn’t mean one doesn’t capability to play sports.
17. There are no limitations in life.
18. I learned that there are many glider pilots in the world who can still fly despite having to adapt themselves to the aircraft and that I should use my FAA glider pilot instructor license in a new way with a focus on introducing the sport of soaring to people who believed that a disability would prevent them from learning to fly.

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