Adversity In 'The Scarlet Ibis' By James Hurst

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Albert Einstein wrote, “Adversity introduces a man to himself”. This quote implies that adversity tests the potential of an individual and brings out the best in them. Great people move successfully through the worse of adversities. In the short story “The Scarlet Ibis” by James Hurst, The narrator is unable to deal with Doodle's disabilities, his concern more for himself rather than Doodle. This text suggests, if hardships come in your way, learn from them because pains strengthen and encourage us in the time of sorrows. Accepting adversity, helps you overcome it. “One who has never tasted what is bitter does not know what is sweet”. We cannot appreciate joy in our lives without a measure of sadness. Adversity puts people in undesirable …show more content…

We must stop trying to find a way that circumvents obstacles. Every difficulty we successfully confront serves to strengthen the ability to conquer future obstacles. Personally, I have been fortunate enough to not face as many conflicts as others at my age tend to face. However, I do still have obstacles that come in my way, determination, resilience, and persistence enable me to push past adversities and prevail. I believe all problematic times in life helps us enjoy when things are going smoothly. One obstacle that I can relate to “The Scarlet Ibis” is that almost all younger siblings have the innate desire to mimic their older sibling. They want to look like them, act like them and most importantly require their approval. This part of the story, “Then I'll leave you here by yourself," I threatened, and made as if I were going down” (2.10). Doodle wanted to please his Brother and demanded his approval due to that, with fear he ended up touching his coffin. I have a younger sister, we share games, laughter, and fights. Nonetheless, at the end of the day, we genuinely enjoy spending time together. She looks up to me and often seeks for advice. Even though she is really young we are still like best friends and I love her with all my heart. She will honestly do anything to be a “big girl” because she wants to show me that she can do the things I do on a daily basis as a

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