Adversity Of Childhood Essay

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Name: Chengwen Ren
SID: 450537529 Adversity of childhood experiences can influence adulthood negatively, the child abuse is one of the main factors, it can even result from neglect. The previous research found that, the child abuse can strongly affect the individual’s adulthood by physical and mental health issues which can last a long period of time (LaBier, 2013). So, here’s a question: How to avoid the child abuse happen to the children? This article will base on LaBier’s(2014) blog article in the website Psychology Today to discuss the explanation and avoidance of the adversity of childhood experiences. Nowadays, the adversity of childhood experiences is a main problem for children development, it also can affect their behaviours in adulthood. According to the result of Rosenman and Rodgers’ report (2004), there are 59.5%of Australian population had experienced some form of adversity of childhood, and there are 37% had experienced more than one adversity during their childhood. Through
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Carroll’s finding of the children who reported higher measures of parental warmth and feeling of love in their childhood had a lower possibility of multisystem health risks. (Judith E. Carroll cited by LaBier, 2014). LaBier has gathered many other researchers’ finding of the adversity of childhood experiences to show the significant impact and provided the way to avoid the children experiencing adversity of childhood. It is important for the parents and psychologists to know the childhood development during these days. LaBier concluded that “I think the upshot of this and other findings is that they provide more empirical confirmation that everything is connected in our lives (2014)”. However, the children can release the pain by the period of times and different environment while growing up, I do believe that there will be some ways to help the children who had experienced the adversity in their childhood by future

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