Essay On Alcoholism In South Africa

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Register to read the introduction…Also from personal experiences I have witnessed in South Africa 's night life it can be seen what alcohol can make people preform high risk behavior. From the above answer it cam be seen how alcohol abuse can impact on families and communities as alcohol abuse is highly responsible for road accidents and crime which takes away loved ones and the right to be safe which will make families and communities to live cautiously which takes away the standard of…show more content…
There is no set time as every person takes their own amount of time however there are short treatments which take 5 to 7 days and there are longer treatments which are 60 to 90 days. What are the long term consequences of alcoholism in terms of rehabilitation,personal wellbeing and social interaction? In terms of rehabilitation through out life you will have to be on support programs or treatments as you will never be cured from being an alcoholic. In regards to personal well being it will have serious consequences regarding vital organs such as your heart,lives,kidney and brain and mental health. In terms of social well being it can have serious effects on relationships with friends,family and colleagues and clients in the work place as well as destroying your quality and success of life due to poor and risky decision making caused by alcohol.

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