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Alcohol Assignment: Life Orientation Grade 11. By Jonathan Krok-11N. Task 1: How is alcohol indirectly portrayed in each advert? Alcohol is indirectly portrayed in the adverts in a way which shows only the bad consequences of alcohol consumption which is over your limit. The advert shows the girl and the boy acting ridiculously drunk while getting ready for their night out, when leaving their homes they looked like a mess as they had a torn top,vomit on themselves and messy hair. These actions where trying to convey message that you wouldn 't want to go out looking messy so why drink over your limits and return home in a mess which you would not want. 2. What impact do you think these adverts could have on the values and beliefs of the viewers? I think that the impact of the advert to the viewers is that it shows that when you are over your limit you do not follow your values and beliefs which you follow in life. It shows how alcohol changes you and you do things which your values and your beliefs are against. 3. Do you think the adverts where effective? Why or Why not? Yes, I think the advert is effective for people who drink over the limit as it shows them what they look like and how they act when they are over the limit. However I personally dont think the advert was effective for me as I do not drink over my limits and have not experienced being paralytic and doing stupid stuff like displayed in the advert. 4. Why do you think there is a difference in the way

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