Advertisement Analysis: Emporio Armani And Danilo Galling

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Emporio Armani and Danilo Galling

The Emporio Armani advertisement shows a young, white man with a basketball wearing an Armani jacket in black and white. The man in the advertisement looks very concentrated and dramatic. Moreover he looks very focused. The lighting appears to be artificial, however it sets an outdoor environment. Moving on, there are three different texts in this advertisement. One being a large “EA7”, which is the company’s logo on sport clothing, and the second is a small “Emporio Armani” with the company’s logo between the two words, the last however, seems to be the smallest out of all the text in the advertisement. The text states the model and a professional Italian basketball player name Danilo Gallinari. Furthermore,
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Most people want to be famous to have a lot of money, cars, house and girls. However, most also think that if they imitate people that are already famous they can one day become famous them selfs. Men are usually seen in advertisements as having a lot of muscles and are viewed in a sexual way. The people that seem to have been evicted by this the most are teenage boys and girls. Teenagers usually like to imitate famous people to seem more interesting.The biggest technique being used in this advertisement is bandwagon. It is a bandwagon technique because the advertisement is featuring a famous Italian NBA basketball player wearing a jacket and a sport short from Armani. Him wearing the clothing might convince the people who every one is wearing Armani and its the new trend. Danilo Galling holding a basketball sends a message to all basketball players and fans into believing that every NBA player, for example Stephen Curry, LeBron James, James Harden and Michael Jordan are using the famous Armani sport, which pressure basketball fans into buying the product. The advertisement is making the views believe that they could be as good as Danilo Galling if they buy and wear their Armani jacket and short. Also, if the creator of this advertisement used a different model the peoples perspective of the ad would change overwhelmingly, which most likely decrease the amount of people who would pay attention to this…show more content…
The advertisement is making young men believe they will be good enough to play for the NBA is they were to buy and wear their famous clothing, which is unrealistic. Also, it makes an enormous difference when Danilo Galling was featured in this advertisement. If a normal model was to take Danilo Galling spot not many people would be attracted to the model as they are to Danilo Galling. The jacket is a little shiny because of the great lighting to it. Also, the lighting on the jacket attracts more attention to Danilo Galling face which many people will recognize and will make people more likely to buy the product. Some possible consequences would that when people buy the product they will be disappointed and not recommend it to others. This advertisement is not socially responsible because it does show unrealistic expectations that would lower the self esteem of young

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