Advertisement Analysis: It's The All-Family Drink !

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In 1956, seven-up released an advertisement depicting a baby, with a joyful expression on its face, holding out his cup while an adult poured seven-up into it. It’s target consumers seems to be mothers, as it constantly references the family and the portrays a mother feeding her child. If children get in the habit of drinking soda, the company knows it will gain a customer for life. This is why the ad attempts to speak to parents. It does this by combining the use of logos and pathos to create a feeling of warmth and security that causes consumers to desire seven-up.
The attempt at logos is most apparent in the paragraph below the picture of the child. It reads: “For a fact, you can even give this parceling drink to babies- and without any qualms. Lots of mothers do it! Just read the ingredients of the 7-up bottle and you’ll see why. We’re proud to list them for your inspection, even though regulations don’t require this on soft drinks.
Seven-up has a special fresh, clean taste that appeals to everyone at your house- be he nine months, nine years or ninety. It’s the All- Family Drink!”
From the very
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This made it less effective. However, the negative side effects of soda, a now well known fact, may have been uncommon knowledge in 1956. Therefore, the logos would have been effective, and when told what is desired, possibilities become facts. If I was told chocolate cake was healthy and given some form of “proof,” I would eat it every chance I got. In the same way, when viewers of this ad saw a baby drinking the seven-up and the line “for a fact,” it most likely became so. Seven-up taste good so people want to believe it’d be good for you, so all it takes is three words. When arguing a fact that someone wants to be true, the logos does not have to be blatantly apparent to be perceived. The effeteness of the logos only extends as far as the belief of the

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