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Advertisements are everywhere in today’s society. The purpose, to sell a product or service. Certain types of advertisements (magazines and newspaper) are being replaced with new and better platforms (social media). In this essay,I will analysises and explore the advertisement of RACQ home insurance and its three signifiers. The identified target audience for the advertisement is homeowners and parents. This advertisementworks well as it has an appeal of protection of family and possessions. The main signifiers are the woman, the text (it pays to belong to Queensland largest club) and the slogan. The gender discourse can be established by the denotations and connotations of the signifier, the women. When studying the advertisement it can be…show more content…
It can then further be stated that the perfect pet is a dog. This ideology links into the family discourse which can be connected with the first signifier mentioned, both the ideology and discourse of the dog are indicated by the denotation and connotations. When glimpsing the dog in the advertisement, it can be assumed that it is a pet and the breed is a boarder collie which is a classic family dog which works as evidence in support of the ideology and discourse. The dog denotes family pet, goofy and active. The customer relates to the goofiness and activeness of the dog because of past experience. Such as in many films bigger dogs are normally goofy or stupid. Further analysis of the dog, it could symbolise a certain happiness to the family, as more than 35% of Australian households have a dog, it makes many owners and target market more likely to relate to the advertisement. The dog further helps to promote the target market to buy…show more content…
As advertisement plays a big role in today’s society, it will likely use more manipulative ways to sway our decisions in the future. Evidence in the report shows how advertisements use society expectations and ideologies to single out certain target markets, by using signifiers the audience will connect with and things they hate to further manipulate people into believing they are different or better than the others. Summarising, The RACQ advertisement uses a wide range of techniques to persuade a target market to buy their

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