Dodge Ram Advertisement Analysis: So God Made A Farmer

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So God Made a Farmer Based on this advertisement, the farmer is someone who can do all of these things and still manage to take care of his or her family while catering the nation with food and livestock. Dodge uses this advertisement to confederate the “mighty farmer,” who people rely on, with their mighty Dodge Ram, which is reliable for heavy farming obligations (So God Made a Farmer, 2013). The advertisement uses certain photographs, some that actually feature a Dodge Ram truck being used on the farm, to depict the daily life of a farmer. These photographs give us the effect that the Dodge Ram is created to be strong enough to “clear trees and heave bails”, and still provide a gentle enough ride to transport animals (So God Made a Farmer, 2013). The truck must furnish what the farmer needs to keep up with his or her schedule and attainment of his or her intention. If an individual wants to be able to produce the same level of work that a farmer does, such as put in 72 hours of overtime, shoe horses with chunks of care tire, milk cows twice a day and sit up all night with a newborn colt only to watch it die, then you…show more content…
This occurs even more so if the view has religious faith. The advertisement is titled “God Made a Farmer”, giving credit for divine followers that the farmer is important because saintly people never question God’s judgement (So God Made a Farmer, 2013). Even if the viewer does not believe in God, it goes without saying that it takes a firm person, a devoted individual, and a hard worker to be a farmer. Dodge is etching on the emotion. They want us to trust their truck with the same level of trust that we put into the farmer – and for those of us who are religious, God. We also have faith in our farmer that he or she will provide for us. Dodge wants us to have faith in its truck’s performance just as we the buyer, have faith that the farmer will provide for
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