Advertisement Analysis: Texting And Driving

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Images are used to open the readers mind to interpretation. Advertisements use this to their advantage in delivering their message, and catch the reader’s attention to leave a lasting impression. Advertisements are very specific when promoting an idea or product to their viewers. Advertisements argue their ideas to their viewers that the idea expressed is important. The argument presented in the image is focusing on texting while driving having detrimental consequences by the design it used, the message it emphasizes, and the rhetorical elements used. The message conveyed by the image focuses on the effectiveness, and that results in the use of specific ideas, who the message is intended to, and the purpose of the advertisement. The intended…show more content…
What is in the picture, and what is left out creates the idea that the viewer can formulate from what he is shown. For example, the man driving the car with the phone in his hand can be seen as not attentive, and shows careless behavior by approaching the car very closely. The text in the image show that the driver is more involved with texting than the actual task of driving. The response from death can be associated with an accident that may occur in the near future for the motorist. Death on the right hand side creates a strong idea that texting and driving can result in death, and will ultimately make drivers more aware of the road to prevent any accident from happening. The use of contrast in the image can be seen throughout the image with the use of color, the relationship between the two pictures, and proportion. There is a strong relationship throughout the picture that represent the balance of life and death. Texting is shown as a negative action that can change the balance between the two, and the picture of the grim reaper replying shows that texting will cause a death or an accident. The picture is shown in black and white which represents a serious message being expressed. The emphasis of darkness on the right side also signifies an impurity with the actions of texting while driving. In the image the two pictures are proportionally the same size, and helps show that although texting might be seen as a small task there can be large consequences. The interpretation of the image is important because the more general and specific it can be the stronger the message can be with the audience. The interpretation leads the viewer to one idea, so there won’t be any confusion among the audience. The car and cell phone clearly sets up the topic of texting while driving. The cause and effect of the image is
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