Advertisement In Early Civilization

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Definition Advertisement means dragging the attention of audience towards something. Advertisement aims is to encourage people to buy products and commodity of certain brands. Today advertisement has become a very important part of our life. Every brand , every company and every product needs to be advertised on different mediums to create awareness, to create good will and to create long term loyal customers. Due to the advancement of technology and invention mass media mediums like TV, RADIO, INTERNET , SOCIAL MEDIA, MAGAZINES , advertisement has become more creative and interesting or advanced. But when we look at the early era of human history we came to know that advertisement was present from the beginning of human history. People used…show more content…
1. Egyptians In this civilization advertisement existed and very popular . advertisement was important to highlight the King’s power and prestige . political matters were painted on stone or papyrus . wall posters was also very important at that time for advertisement. These posters were made of leather, animal skin and papyrus and were placed at publics areas. 2. Greek and Rome Wall painting was used for advertising goods and products. Rome stone carving and painting was very famous to announce the date of games and other events. Mostly political campaigns and messages were advertised in these civilizations. 3. China In early era chines used oral method of advertisement . they used bamboo sticks to call people at one place for selling products like sweets and cloths. Chinese also used stone carved advertisements. Paintings plates for advertisements was also very popular. It is an needle shop advertisement in china Advertisement in 18th…show more content…
These billboard walked in the city through carts and other transports, sometimes humans • Trade card was also very important way of advertisement in 18th century. Advertisement in 19th century In 19th century advertisement got new medium . as we know in 19th century new technology introduced Before 19th century there were no advertisement agency. many news agency was started like Mitchell, john haddon and Mather & crowther. These agencies gave new start to advertisements. Creative ads were made including slogans and jingles that attracted attention of people. In 19th century most important medium was newspaper for advertisement. Paid advertisement started in 19th century.Products pictures and features were published in the ads. Thomas j was called the father of advertisement in 19th centuray because he introduced modern and creative ideas for advertisement . he gave idea for the advertisement of pear soap. Coca cola includes in one of the earliest brand that advertised their brand in print media in 19th century. Advertisement 20th

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