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Advertisements have become an inseparable and integral part of modern man's life. Mass media is the biggest source of advertisements in the modern time. From the advertisement of pencil to that of house every kind of advertisement is available on the platform of mass media. Advertising is a commerce related activity which shot into prominence with the onset of industrialisation. As per Harper Collins dictionary advertisement is "a business that specializes in creating publicity, marketing communication used to promote or sell something." Advertisements were basically designed to provide consumers the knowledge, information and intimation of new products in order to lure them to buy the same. With production going sky high the producers felt…show more content…
They land up showing disregard to elders thereby having a negative impact on the morality of youth. Various advertisements sell their products by showing parents or grandparents as people to be taken casually. The grandparents conjure up a picture of sweet plump grey haired smiling woman or an elderly man with kindly twinkling eyes and a hearty laugh. In one's mind they are associated with a constant supply of goodies, comfortable lap one can climb on to listen to the best stories, sage advice and endless pampering in…show more content…
Not only the child refuses to bow down, he shows further disregard by raising the feet of his grandfather in order to fulfill the custom of feet touching. This advertisement shows the idea that even grandparents are selfish who want to grab the sweets of young children. This advertisement conveys the idea that relationships are less important than just jelly and parents and grandparents are generally selfish people robbing children of their favourite things. This advertisement instills in the mind of youth the immoral idea that every relation can try to cheat you and you have every right to show disregard to your elders. In Indian culture grandfather is such a figure who should be revered and paid highest respect .Funny and frivolous representation of grandfather is highly objectionable and undesirable. In Alpenlibe advertisement the child tells his friend that "Mere Dadaji Mein Nagin Rahti Hai" and the grand father is shown to dance ridiculously like a snake in a prestigious gathering. This is very much against Indian culture as it tends to let the young minds imbibe

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