Advertisement Influence Buying Behavior Analysis

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2.0 Introduction This chapter focuses type of advertisement that influences customers buying behavior. This include the capacity and understanding of buying behavior among UNIMAS students in the context of buying behavior, advertisement quality, consumer awareness, approach in measuring types of advertisement, and the conceptual advertisement used in measuring the customer acceptance toward type of advertisement.
2.1. Types of Advertisement Influence Buying Behavior Advertisements that are interesting will attract customers to buy a product. This will enable the involved organization become more profitable. Advertisements also include service sectors. There are several researches carried out by marketing academicians especially in the field
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Investments in brand equity and in particular brand awareness can lead to sustainable competitive advantages and thus to long term value. Brand awareness can add value by placing the brand in the consumer 's mind, acting as a barrier to entry to new un established brands (Stokes 1985), reassuring the customer of the organization’s commitment and product quality, and providing leverage in the distribution channels (Aaker…show more content…
(1982) The Effects of Humor on Attention in Magazine Advertising Magazine advertisements impacts and effects examined in this study. The study made on recall about 148 commercials in the database support. The factors based on audience influence on race and gender. Attention on humor tested here. The humor in alcohol advertisements compared on effects based on white men and black men. How the humorous attraction made how get more effects, recall is compared to humorous and non- humorous advertisements.

2.5 Conceptual Advertisement toward Acceptance in Buying Behavior

An important insight in explaining of the success or failure of new products or services is described by an acceptance research [Silberer and Wohlfahrt 2001]. The decision object and the individual itself affect the attitude toward act and social norm exerts greater influence on the behavioral intention [Ajzen and Fishbein 1980]. The acceptance of consumer towards type of advertisements consists of innovativeness, existing knowledge about the product, information seeker-behavior and attitude toward

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