Jimmy Smith's Argument Essay

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Jimmy Smith grabs for the Coke zero sugar and the Doritos reduced fat chips thinking that they are a good option. After that Jimmy sits down on his Superhero Bob blanket and watches The Galaxy Rangers. You may think that Jimmy Smith is a couch potato but really he is just another victim of advertising across the nation. Companies are becoming savage monsters tearing through our children's future just to get money by putting up advertisements; advertisements are at school, on buses, in the stores, and on television. There are huge problems related to juveniles viewing advertisements almost the whole day such as, youth are getting more and more health problems because of advertisers, kids and families are spending so much money for fundraisers to get cheap toys and they do not have money for college, plus young children are losing imagination and interest in games and outdoor…show more content…
To begin with, by high school one out of three young adults will have type two diabetes. Type two diabetes forces people to constantly have to check their blood sugar and take shots daily so you don’t get incredibly ill, and die. An incredibly great second example is, advertiser and companies use cartoon characters and celebrities to make children new to life, want them; compelling them to think they love the product even though they are being deceived by a picture of a toucan. Also some very educated people are saying that many people won’t live very long. A quote that proves this is from a news article called Marketing to kids gets more savvy with new technology, “we have a generation that is the first to have a life expectancy less than our parents.” That is so hard to believe but it is true! Concluding this paragraph, those are the reasons that prove that immature, gullible, young adults are getting a tremendous amount of health related problems in the the
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