Advertisements For Beauty, Cosmetic, And Beauty Industry

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In a world where computers rest in everyone’s back pocket, messages are constantly sent and received. Messages sent from friends, to family, vice versa, and messages from companies to consumers. Constantly bombarded by messages, it is impossible for people not to take in and compare themselves to the messages they are receiving. Consumers of the beauty and cosmetic industry easily compare themselves to the models and products of advertisements. Consumers often find they fall short of advertisement expectations. Despite being unrealistic, the expectations set by advertisements for beauty, cosmetic, and fashion products elevate the viewer’s expectations of themselves, until its is impossible to meet industry standards. As with any industry, the cosmetic and beauty industries use advertisements to sell their products. When they uses advertisements, the cosmetic industry influences people’s perceptions of beauty in order to want them to improve who they are (Sharp). Without advertisements to remind their consumers they need the cosmetic companies product, the industry would not be the billion dollar industry it is today. In 2010, the world wide sales of the cosmetic industry was three hundred eighty two billion dollars (Sharp). Without a doubt the beauty industries have competitive markets. Unfortunately, its is consumers who often get the short end of the market with both products that may or may not work and a cracked view of themselves. Self-concept, body image, and sexual
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