Advertisements Targeting Children Essay

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Children are very susceptible to many things and are influenced greatly by said things, knowingly or not. They are influenced by different TV, video games, parents, and other peers. Children are unable to work or gain any money through legal circumstances and cannot buy anything for themselves nor have the mental capability to understand what they are buying and the possible outcomes of their potential purchase. The best way to eliminate this possible danger is to completely restrict Advertisements targeting children. Should they really be targeted? Many young boys/girls are being targeted in todays world into buying advertised goods. It has became morally and socially wrong to use people for your own gain. The companies that target these children are multi-million dollar companies that could easily manage without having to stoop to such a demographic of advertisements. When companies target the younger…show more content…
I can think of a few commercials I watched when I was younger that still influence me today. Many people have watched the anti smoking PSA advertisements showing the horrible unknown substances in tobacco in just one cigarettes. Another Targeting Advertisement is Frosty Flakes, They advertise that young, healthy, athletic children are able to eat their cereal each and everyday without reproductions, However, The cereal is smothered in sugar and corn syrup. That causes high blood pressure, and for athletic children possible cramps/nausea. These two examples are prime for the targeting of children at a younger age. In order to truly save the innocence of our children we must limit the advertisements targeting them. Without the companies being able to target the children of today it will further advance their mental capabilities and can limit them from being influenced negatively from bad
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