Advertisements: The Impact Of Advertising And Its Impacts

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Advertising is a goal oriented field that aims at delivering the wanted message to the seeked or wanted audience at the right time. It tries to turn an idea into a message using creativity, as well as, other characteristics such as: relevance, originality, and impact (Wills, Burnett & Moriarity as cited in Baig, 2013). According to Goddard (as cited in Baig, 2013), the word “advertisement” has a Latin root which is the word “advertere”, meaning “to turn towards” or “to change”. The advertising industry started in the 1950s, but did not use subtle strategies at that time. Advertisements try to amuse, inform, misinform, worry or warn people sometimes instead of always trying to persuade them to buy a certain product. The ads that serve to improve or create a change in a certain social behavior or concept without promoting any product are called non-product ads or non-commercial ads.
Advertisements can be found everywhere, and they have many effects on our lives. When we talk about ads, we may refer to text, audio, video, or photography, but in this paper our main concern is print ads which can be found in daily newspapers, magazines, posters, wall paintings, cars, billboards, and even in the streets (Abdelaal & Sase, 2014). Advertising is a topic that can cause and reveal the many social divisions that make up any society. It is considered by many as a social language and a technique of persuasion, and the social significance of ads has lead people into considering it as a
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