Calvin Klein Advertisement Analysis Essay

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Advertisement two: Calvin Klein is a dark-full colour advert, for Calvin Klein Jeans advertisement (Figure II). Nudity combined with the body position and body language make this a highly sexual ad and a solid reason for its inclusion in the study. The Calvin Klein advertisement features a woman with a nude torso positioned on top of man with a nude torso. The visual elements presented in the second ad by Calvin Klein create visual texture; the ocean/rocks surrounding the human figures creates a frame focusing the eye on the bodies in the centre. The woman’s fixated body pulling away from the male model attracts the viewer down her arm, to her waist pointed at the logo at the bottom of the page (right-hand-side). The females almost exposed breast in the centre of the ad is positioned under the man’s arm. This juxtaposition…show more content…
It has no boundaries when it comes to the commercial realm. Therefore, kids are getting sex education through interactive media; they are getting immense doses from advertising, social media and the general society. Commercial campaigns constantly depict women wearing little or no clothes. This illustrates that both men and women today are utilized for their sexuality. The lack of clothes is a technique that is used to sell in this case a perfume. The campaign exposes such graphic images to send a subliminal message to its target audience. Any woman would want to look like her, and believe that using Orchid Soleil, Tom Ford perfume will help her achieve that idealistic image/lifestyle. Tom Ford is also known for his famous adverts released in 2007, promoting his new fragrance, which appeared with a bold and confrontational image of a bottle of his fragrance wedged between a woman’s thighs and cleavage. Overwhelmed with phallic symbolism and exploitation of a woman’s body, it does not come close to any definition of how such an ad even slightly defines ‘high
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