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Considering the power of social media today, it 's of little surprise that all businesses need to sink their teeth into it in order to best reach their audience. Among the ruling hierarchy of social media platforms, though, it is Facebook that often takes the lead. So much so that some small businesses even concentrate on building a Facebook page alone rather than focus on building a website. And why not? Facebook has millions of users and those numbers increase even further practically every week. So what better way is there to reach one 's target audience – which ever demographic or group they may be – than by using Facebook 's platform for advertising and marketing a brand. Plus, the fact that Facebook pages have a variety of features, both…show more content…
However, considering what a diverse platform Facebook is, it 's not hard to imagine that Facebook 's developer tools will have the same power, if utilized. And, that 's exactly what Myntra did! The brand developed its e-commerce site for mobiles using Facebook 's developer tools. And, with the Facebook Mobile App Install Ads, the fashion brand used the “Lookalike Audience” feature of the app to target similar audiences [who have converted and purchased before]. The Facebook Login feature on the mobile app only attracted more customers as well thanks to the ease of logging in to the app. Thanks to these tools, Myntra 's sign up rate increased by 28% and cost per installs reduced by…show more content…
Facebook 's massive ad and campaign targeting options are what came to play here, as the brand not only targeted men and women in the 27 to 45 years age group, but also targeted its preferred audience via behavioral targeting options on Facebook (to find the habits and disposable income levels of the necessary clients). This ad campaign reached over 7 million people that fell within the target audience, and it also increased the brand 's favorability potential by 72% [higher than the average global benchmark].
Facebook Lesson to Take Away: Facebook has incredible audience targeting options. As a marketer or advertiser (or even an entrepreneur), if you have a specific target audience in mind, Facebook 's targeting tools are your best option.

There are dozens of other examples of Facebook campaigns that were (and are) a roaring success. So, even if all your business has going for you right now is a well-designed Facebook Page, know that you 're in good company and have a variety of marketing and advertising strategies available to you. All you really need is a solid and unique way to spin your story and your
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