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Considering the power of social media today, it 's of little surprise that all businesses need to sink their teeth into it in order to best reach their audience. Among the ruling hierarchy of social media platforms, though, it is Facebook that often takes the lead. So much so that some small businesses even concentrate on building a Facebook page alone rather than focus on building a website. And why not? Facebook has millions of users and those numbers increase even further practically every week. So what better way is there to reach one 's target audience – which ever demographic or group they may be – than by using Facebook 's platform for advertising and marketing a brand. Plus, the fact that Facebook pages have a variety of features, both to promote a business as well as to even sell products, also makes using Facebook for business an inviting prospect. All one would need is persistence and a little creativity to make it happen. If you 're still not convinced, though, here are 6 of the best case studies that show what businesses and brands can achieve by advertising and marketing on Facebook: Award Winning Video for Ariel 's Share The Load Campaign [YouTube Link:] 1) Procter and Gamble India 's “Share The Load” Facebook Campaign: “Is Laundry Only A Woman 's Job?” That 's the question Ariel 's Facebook campaign started with when it launched its first video around that theme. The campaign was started to increase brand reach
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