The Influence Of Mobile Advertising On Consumer Behavior

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In the research, we need to investigate whether the product and service can influence people behavior to purchase it through mobile advertising.
The mobile devices information can be provided to the consumers of their interest which gives chance to markets to build the customer relationship in new dimension that’s way now a day’s many companies rely on these types of devices to advertise and promote their product and service to their target customer (Saeed, et al., 2013).Country of region is important predictor of product quality as imported product is more preferred when local product is considered of low quality. Other than that, when the advertisement for that product increase its mean that this will increase due to the high loyalty so
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The consumers’ attitude toward the advertising high penetration of mobile phones in recent years type in general and not to the exposure to one has created a good opportunity for mobile advertising particular ad (Bauer, Barnes, Reichardt, & Neumann, 2005). In general, attitudes are “mental states There used by individuals to structure the way they perceive are different synonyms for advertising via mobile their environment and guide the way they respond to devices, such as wireless advertising (Barnes, 2002).Thus, mobile advertising created good opportunity for mobile as in an extension of the internet environment. There are many common features in mobile advertising and internet advertising. Since the mobile phone is a very personal device that allows an individual to be assed virtually anytime and anywhere (Chowdhury, Parvin, Weitenberner, & Becker, 2006). Most of the studies have focussed on attitude structure. The differences in the way different media affects consumer…show more content…
The intention of purchasing mobile phone between South Korea and United State and the result is 94 percent of South Koreans have at least one mobile phone (Korea Communications Commission, 2008).
The targeted mobile advertising effect the intention of purchasing mobile phone. He developed a targeted mobile advertising system works as a platform linking merchants and consumer (mobile phone consumers). It uses personalization and pull techniques to deliver targeted advertisements that can better match consumers’ needs.
The attitudes, intention and behaviour study by constitute 3 keystones of Theory of Reasoned action developed by (Fishbein & Ajzen, 1975). By using this theory, there was a positive relationship between attitude and intention for consumers to accept mobile phone advertisements and that intention affects consumer behaviour significantly. Besides that, he separate youth and adults are two quite different consumer groups in terms of consumption patterns and styles.
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