Advertising And Social Media In The Advertising Industry

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Today, being a target of marketers and advertisers is an open secret. Also, a lot of marketing and advertising efforts, techniques and practices have become common knowledge. This is the new normal. A few decades ago, the presence of marketers and advertisers were keenly felt, especially by their client 's target audience. Sure, the effort was clearly there. Unless someone was working or studying the industry, a lot of people simply didn’t notice nor cared about the fine print of doing advertising and marketing. Everybody knows what advertisers and marketers do but they are always behind a thin veil or the medium that they work on. Nowadays, that 's not the case. In the advent of social media and personalized technology, advertisers and marketers simply bypassed the traditional media (television, radio and newspaper) and jumped into the fray of social media platforms.
As a young adult currently reaping the benefits of technology and the phenomenon known as social media, I am part of a generation constantly bombarded by ads. This is not a new situation as older generation have the same scenario using their favorite traditional media. For my generation, these media are obsolete, if not rarely used. I could bet that most of my generation has little to no contact with these type of media. I 'm also betting that people at the advertising industry have predicted this and jumped to the same wagon. After all, the advertising and marketing industry is known for being always on the

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