Advertising Appeals In Advertising

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Advertising Appeals
Price, quality and advertisement are common factors that influence the consumer decision making (Das, Mohanty and Shil, 2008). Besides, Gilson and Berkman (1987) defined advertising appeals as, “An attempt at creativity that motivates consumers’ purchase motives and influences consumers’ attitude toward a particular product.” Schiffman and Kanuk (2007) interpreted advertising appeals as suppliers’ application of a psychologically motivating power to arose consumers’ desire and action for buying while sending broadcasting signals to change consumers’ concepts of the product. Hence, advertising appeals is used to increase the consumers’ attention and change consumers’ perception and attitude toward the specific product as well as create an emotional effect on them about a specific product (Belch and Belch, 1998; Schiffman and Kanuk, 2007).
Kotler (1997) defined that advertising appeals is the theme of an advertisement. Kotler (2003) divided advertising appeals into rational and emotional appeals. Kotler (1991) explained that advertising appeals refers to packaging products, services, organizations, or individuals in a variety of ways that clearly deliver a certain benefit, stimulation, identification, or reason to clarify the consumers ' thinking and reason to purchase a product. Advertising appeals divided into rational and emotional appeals (Chu, 1996; Belch and Belch, 1998). Advertisers normally use rational and emotional appeals in their advertising in

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