Advertising Creativity And Consumer Behavior

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A large body of literature on Advertising Creativity, Advertising and Communication Process and Consumer Purchase Behaviour helps provide the basis of the study.

The review was developed through search of the related literature.


The theoretical literature was reviewed mainly for providing a basis of this review. This was accomplished by reviewing the theories and models for the study based on the theories.
Several theories has been made to explain the impact of Creativity in Advertising on the Communication-Effect and Purchase Behaviour of the consumer. The review of these different theories includes the following:

1) The Theories of Advertising
2) Advertising the Communication Models
3) Consumer Behaviour Models
4) Advertising creativity theories.

Theories of
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These differences can be seen by the reference of three models described by Gilligan & Crowther (1983) which illustrate the progression from an individual 's lack of awareness of a product 's existence..

The first model is known as AIDA model, the term
Derived from the letters of the four words in the process represented - Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. Strong postulated that before becoming a user of the product the receiver moves from Awareness of product till Interest in it. From this he develops a Desire for the product and this then results in Action in which he goes and purchases the
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