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SUMMARY OF 5 RESEARCH PAPERS RELATED TO ADVERTISING EFFECTIVENESS 1) ROBERT HEATH AND AGNES NAIRN (University Of Bath, 2005) They both have studied aspects of advertising effectiveness by specifically focusing the recall metrics of people with regard to advertising .They argued that advertising should be done as openly as possible but people have different levels of exposure to the advertisement you commence. Measuring it’s success difficult, but , can be seen in the form of higher sales in short term , and , changed brand image , consumer loyalty and credibility in the long term. They also highlighted and tested the power of implicit and passive learning rather than direct learning. People rely more on emotions during their purchase…show more content…
Pavlou and David W. Stewart(2010) American Academy of Advertising Although advertising isn’t a new way of interactive communication its scope and importance is increasing day by day because of innovations and new technologies. It’s about how advertising works in determining the effects consumers get by them and how these effects are measured and interpreted. Advertisers of companies are gradually relying on different modes of media to advertise, increase the awareness and to create positive image of their products and services even online as internet is considered as one of the interactive source of advertising. This explains that how traditional norms and its effects about advertising contrast. The way information is provided effects the way consumer interprets that information. The goal of advertisings is to increase the quality, trust, participation and efficiency of consumer decision making process. Interactive advertising depends on the selection of medium, way information is interpreted, how consumer perceives information, way message delivered and advert…show more content…
Good advertising can change the markets and improve profit margins. Companies with creative advertisements will own good future but there are also some barriers in this way. Advertisement is a tool of communication between seller and someone who needs it. Advertisement can be improved with new techniques and processes. The way in which information is provided affects the way consumer interprets that information. Advertising has large affect on the behaviours of people towards the brand

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