Advertising Has A Negative Impact Of Public Advertising Is Karachi

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Growing up in Karachi, I’ve watched the city grow around me, When I was younger I would notice little things like new buildings, torn down places, new restaurants, uneven curbs, old dried out flowerbeds that occasionally would be run over by a car, sand swept from the sea, garbage lying around but as I grew old enough to see over buildings and appreciate the Karachi skyline, I couldn’t. I was unable to actually see past the advertisements which had been installed at every turn and corner. So now when I travel around parts of the city I usually see giant faces peering back at me, normally you would hope to see buildings, trees, actual faces or even the sunset but instead we are greeted with a myriad of advertisements. Imagine as you are driving past these billboards, the expressions on the faces or the themes are much like any canvas in a gallery, The expression or subject takes meaning depending on what YOU are thinking at that particular point in time and while you sit their thinking about that particular advertisement suddenly you have reached the next billboard and then the next and this cycle keeps repeating itself over again. So, Yes I do believe public advertising has a negative effect on the city in more than one way. In most cities across the world the streets and sidewalks are part of the public domain, made for citizens but then again, This is Karachi, and Karachi is NOT like most cities and nor are its streets and sidewalks for that matter, For her streets,

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