Advertising Impact On Korean Advertising

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Research Topic: Impact of advertisement on consumer purchasing behavior of Korean cosmetic products in Malaysia among Generation Y
1.0 Background of Research In these days, advertising has become one of the most powerful and effective promotional tools to reach customers among marketers. Advertising gives information, persuades, reminds, and as well as creates a brand image of a particular product or service. According to Cohen, advertising is a business activity that employs creative techniques to design persuasive communication in mass media that promote ideas, goods, and services in a manner consistent with the achievement of the advertiser‘s objective, the delivery of consumer satisfaction and the development of social and economic
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From the past research, researchers found the positive and significant relationship between the Korean Wave and attitude toward Korean products (Kim & Park, 2004). Consumers who are familiar with Korean culture are likely to have a more positive attitude towards Korean products and have more intention to purchase them. Furthermore, according to Tada - amnuaychai, a researcher from Thailand, the fans of Korean drama have impressive perception towards Korea and its product because their products are usually tied-in with the Korean dramas (Tada - amnuaychai, 2006). Hence, in general, consumers will consume the products and think that they are good. Therefore, this research is to find out the impact of advertisement on consumer purchasing behavior of Korea cosmetic products in Malaysia among generation…show more content…
The influence of Korea’s entertainment has become the subject of concern and criticism throughout the world especially Asia. Most of suppliers catch the trend and make their products hit right to customers desire in order to expend profit. As stated by Till and Busler, purchase intention for brand will be greater when endorsed by an attractive spokesperson (Till & Busler, 2000). Furthermore, most of the research done in Malaysia are only focused on the consumers’ attitudes and brand loyalty towards the cosmetic products or only specific on Halal cosmetic products. Hence, I would like to research whether using celebrity endorsement in the advertisement is more effective in comparison with other advertising appeal and to find out if the growth of Korea cosmetic products in Malaysia among female in generation Y is as the results of advertisement or influenced by other factors. From the past research recommendations, a specific group of samples which is generation Y will be used in this research and other area will be studied such as advertising appeal and credibility of celebrity endorsement to know the effect of advertising on consumers purchasing
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