Argumentative Essay: The Legalization Of Women In Advertising

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In advertisement and marketing, you are supposed to make people think “Wow, that is interesting” or compose publicity that is appealing to the eye, in order for the product to sell. If you have great displays, then the more buyers you get. What people who work on advertising companies are trying to do is to captivate you, draw you into their publicity, even fascinate you. Every so often, this posters they use for publicity are offending to a certain social group. They are offending different races, certain social classes, men, and most commonly and what has been happening the most, woman. They expose them to be objects in a man’s life, who are useless. It has started a long time ago, and sadly, it still happens today. Firstly, let us look at Drummond’s “Women are a drag” advertisement. We can observe how this idea of women being an…show more content…
People may think that we have improved since then, making it more equal for both men and women in every aspect. Nowadays, it is seen as okay for a woman not to be married on her 30s, as well as having good jobs, or even being Presidents of different countries, but sexist advertisements are still a “thing”, since there are certain ways a woman is appealing to the eye for marketing.

On Burger King’s “I’ll blow your mind away” advertisement from 2009, the first thing we notice is a woman opening her mouth, and the big words “It’ll blow”. Even though it is a burger, its shape suggests something else. They are considering women with the typical stereotype of what men usually consider attractive or desirable: blonde, red lips, and considerable eyelashes. The woman on this advertisement it is used as an object of pleasure for men, in order to attract male consumers to see the advertisement and buy the sandwiches. It is a call for
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